Published Guitar teacher Mike Christiansen directed my guitar studies for one and a half years during my stay in Logan in Jazz Guitar. I have played in two local bands, Skooch and Two for Flinching. I would like to form up with another band in Berkeley. Two for Flinching cut a CD entitled "Forever." You can listen to a sample of one of my songs composed for Two for Flinching here. I am also currently looking for a guitar (and possibly voice) teacher. My focus is currently on home recording of new and old ideas.

Click here to listen to my song "End Your Life"

Click here to listen to my song "Flying Super V"

Click here to listen to my song "Everything's Been Done"

Click here to listen to my version of "Runaway"

Click here to listen my song "Imminent Death"

(These may take awhile to download)
These songs are the intellectual property of Dan Odell and may not be distributed or used for commercial purposes without his expressed written consent.

My Guitar Gear (with Links)

Carvin AE185
Digitech GSP 2101
Roland JC 120