Dan's Random Previous Consulting Work

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The Flip Puzzle Project:

The Flip Puzzle was my first real consulting project, working for 4 Kids Entertainment. The goal of the project
was to develop the concept presented in US patent # 447,521S into a manufacturable, marketable product.
This puzzle is essentially a cube with the top and bottom missing, and the four remaining panels split and hinged
on 45 degree angles. The goal of the puzzle is to invert the cube.

When I received the puzzle, it consisted of 16 triangles cut out of sheet metal, and held together with scotch tape.
The company desired to make this into a colorful, cheap product with a defined manufacturing process.
After several iterations (including attempts at injection molding and stamping), I settled on on a contiguous strip
of flexible vinyl, to provide flexibility and durability, bonded to rigid vinyl triangles, to provide shape and color.
This selection also allowed a very durable bond between the similar materials.

All in all the project was a great success. Feedback from my employer, is below, as are pictures of completed units.

Thanks for your work on the project - it's been excellent! The color combinations are great. . . . your contributions
on this project have helped move it to the next level. Let's hope it comes out as a real toy product next Christmas time!
- Steve Beck
A four color patterned sample with blue flexible vinyl A four color panel sample with blue flexible vinyl Green and Blue with clear flexible vinyl Yellow and Red with black flexible vinyl
Yellow and Blue with black flexible vinyl, and a mini version A Red and Blue hexagon with clear flexible vinyl